Start Page: A site of objective gambling talks

Gambling is always a volatile topic, whether it is mentioned in a casino or in a casual home conversation. The explosiveness gets even worse when the topic comes out in religious circles.

Honestly, most discussions revolving around gambling are never sober. They are often laced with the bias that proponents of either side have picked along the way. These could stem from teachings of religion, movies or even writers of great influence on their audiences.

On this site, you will find the most objective discussions about a topic considered so sensitive in almost all areas of society. We look at all aspects of the trade, from its value in the economy to its addictive tendencies and effects on those who play in it.

Hold out for some no-holds-barred discussions that point out the main issues concerning gambling that do not shy away from the dictates of religion or societal expectations.

This, however, is not a gambling-bashing website. That would just beat our main aim which is objectivity, wouldn’t it? Our arguments are purely issue based. We seek to look at all aspects of this age-old trade, both positive and negative, then leave it to you the reader to make an informed judgment.

In the movies, for example, only extremes of gambling are depicted. It is a case of people either winning the lottery or wasting away a fortune. But is this really the picture in the real world? The answer is no.

The people going to gambling extremes are just a negligible fraction of the punting world. Yes, we dare say that. That said, we are not blind to the devastating effects of extreme gambling habits on those who get caught up in it.

Welcome aboard for a thrilling ride touching on all the raw endings of the gambling practice. We cannot promise that the arguments in here will exactly be tailored to soothe your bias no matter what side of the divide you stand on. One thing we can guarantee, however, is that you will come out of here better informed and in a position to form a better informed opinion.

Let’s roll!