Interesting Facts about Casinos

1. The professional gambler Don Johnson was banned from the Tropicana casino after winning 6 million dollars in one night from the casino. It is said that he ruined the revenues of the casino for the entire year with his mega-win on Blackjack. He had already won a staggering 9 million dollars at two different casinos, both times playing Blackjack.

2. The infamous card counter Thomas Hyland: and his team were accused of breaking the law but the judge acquitted Hyland and his comrades of all charges. The judge added that card counting was not a criminal offense and instead was simply a way of using strategy to try and beat the house. However, he was banned from many casinos.

3. William Brennan is considered to have pulled off the most audacious act in casino theft history. Back in 1993, the thief walked out of a casino with over half a million dollars in chips and seemingly vanished off the face of the earth. In a bizarre twist, he also disappeared with his cat and has never been seen since.

4. The Netherlands is regularly touted as one of the most liberal countries in the world and it certainly has a progressive attitude to gambling. The government owns 14 casinos across the country and all the revenues generated by ‘Holland Casino’ go back to the Treasury’s purse and are spent on public services.

5. The American roulette wheel has an additional slot making it statically harder to win the game. While the European wheel has 36 numbers and one zero, while the American wheel has a single and a double zero. This makes it more difficult to beat the house and harder for the players to win.

6. William Bergstrom is possibly one of the luckiest men in history. In 1980 Bergstrom headed to Binion’s Horseshoe Casino with two suitcases: one which was full of money, $777,000, and one empty one. He bet the entire amount of money on a single throw of the dice and won. He left the casino with two suitcases – this time they were both full of money.